Gorgeous Home Accessories From Emma Em Studio

Emma Em Studio’s Style:

  • Unique hand Painted Tealight Holders & More
  • Gorgeous Colour Pop Designs
  • Perfect Little Accessories to Refresh your Space

Emma Em Studio have a gorgeous range of colour pop home accessories. These include hand painted tea light holders, mason jars and super cute mini storage baskets.

You can buy most of them individually and either stick with one colour palette or opt for a jewel coloured rainbow theme and have several in different colours to really lift your mood.

These are some of our current favourites. Head over to Emma Em Studio’s shop on Etsy by clicking ‘Shop Now’ for the full range.

When you click ‘Shop Now’ you will be taken to Emma Em Studio’s shop on Etsy to complete your purchase & we may earn a small commission, but this will not increase the amount you pay.

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