Stunning Handpainted Jackets From Sammy Leas Retro

Sammy Leas Retro Style:

  • Gorgeous Custom Jackets
  • 100% hand painted
  • Ideal for adding a rock chic edge to your outfit

Sammy Leas Retro specialises in creating one of a kind hand painted denim and faux leather jackets.

They will work with you to create a really special personalised jacket for your wedding that you can wear and cherish long after your big day.

These are some of our current favourites. Head over to Sammy Leas Retro shop on Etsy by clicking ‘Shop Now’ for the full range.

When you click ‘Shop Now’ you will be taken to Samy Leas Retro shop on Etsy to complete your purchase & we may earn a small commission, but this will not increase the amount you pay.

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